Friday, May 9, 2008

Take a Class!!

I urge everyone, no matter how good they are, to take classes from other people. I recently took this class at the Miniature Cottage in Nashville, TN given by Judy Liddington. ( Not only did I learn from Judy new methods of construction of a garment for a little doll, I learned more about altering patterns, china painting the porcelain, skin wigs and a host of other sharing from other students. We happily sat sewing her dresses, yes dresses, plural. I like to take classes from others, too, because I have a chance to be a student and actually finish a project. (Well, I definitely try to finish!)

Judy not only created the doll, but this wonderful room re-created from the antique. She provided the cut room walls, instructions and the paper on the walls. It fits into a commercially available wooden box and is ADORABLE. Thank you Judy for a great class and a wonderful project. Please feel free to contact Judy at her address above for any purchasing information.

The mignonette is approximately 4" tall. This is the perfect project for all of you cabinet doll makers out there, and miniaturists who like to sew. Kathi

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