Friday, May 30, 2008

My Favortie Things

I look back on my loonngggg career with dolls and find it hard to believe all what I have been able to accomplish. Dolls have given me the chance to go to England more than 5 or 6 times. It really is kind of cool when you forget how many time you have actually gone. I love they country side in England and miss my travels. Since I have moved on to motherhood I don't get to travel much and do shows. I fell in love with England before I even got there. I used to collect Marty Bell paintings of wonderful thatched English cottages. I would imagine I would be in those colorful gardens. On my very first trip to England with my dolls I got to tour the countryside for 16 days ending my trip with a showing at The Birmingham Miniatura Show. That is were I met a man that made the most WONDERFUL thatched cottages in miniature. Daydream Dwellings from the Isle of Skye in Scotland(the link is my cottage, the Rose Cottage). I feel in love with them. The detail was EXTRAORDINARY. I did not have room for a full 1:12 scale, nor could I afford it, so after much hemming and hawing... I ordered a 1:24 scale. Needless to say it is one of my most favorite things I own, I cherish it. I have taken my time collecting only the best of the best to fill its rooms, all made by myself or other artist's. It is not finished yet...but another time. These little girls I had made for the upstairs bedroom. The are playing with there own little doll house. They are made my English artist Penny Thompson. They are made out of paper!...Keep in mind that they are 1:24 scale. The doll house they are playing with is no more than 3/4" tall. I can't imagine how she made that cats tail! I luv them!! Michelle

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