Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sad News to Report

Brad Deville of Deville Doll Designs specially sculpted and created the babies for Michelle and I. His web address is: Please visit his site and see his wonderful miniature figures as I tell you, with great sorry, Brad passed away. The news is devastating as it reminds us how fragile life is. After overcoming multiple surgeries from an accident and building a new life, he could not overcome a bout with pneumonia. He built his new life on his talents as a sculptor, and quite a fine artist, too! We miss his wit, talent and insight so very, very much. His passing breaks our hearts. He had become a good friend.
Kathi R. Mendenhall
La Petite Belle Patterns
Michelle Mahler
Doll Artist's Workshop

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

“Put on your Easter Bonnet, with all the Frills upon it…”
So goes the song from Easter Parade. What a wonderful movie to sit and enjoy.
Here is an exciting idea for using porcelain extra porcelain parts. (Though I have to admit to stage, this figure just as I wanted it I had to manipulate the parts for a custom fit.) I have seen the antique paper dolls that young girls used up their extra fabric and paper bits to dress. A friend of mine has a few framed and hung on her walls. It would a wonderful project to do the same with some of our contemporary paper dolls. The miniature chat group I “play with” is doing a similar project in April. I am going to play along, as it will be a lot of fun.

My pretty woman is “Miranda” a Gina Bellous doll mold. It is a 1/12th scale miniature. She is china painted. I have secured her to the linen and completed her dress, wig and accessories. I thought this would be quite easy but found aspects of the project a challenge. Working in a small scale is wonderful, but the angles required me to rethink some of my processes. All and all, I like her and think she is very pretty. I hope you like her too and will try something like this in the near future.


And I could not resist these

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Versatile Hat Braid

Hat braid, of course, can be used to make hats. But it is very versatile and can be used to make all kind of cool accessories for your dolls and miniature settings. Here are juts a few:
Purse- This purse was made for a Gene size doll. I have the pattern available. It also comes with a matching hat. Follow this link to see this and others: Straw Hat Patterns: For miniatures: La Petite Belle, for other than miniature doll size: Evertales.

Basket- A great way to accessories your doll. This Basket was made out of hat braid. Kathi made it and then supplied the tutorial.

Shoes- Who would have thought shoes? These terrific "wedges" were made to fit fashion dolls. They are made by Randall Craig RTW.I think they are totally cool! You can see hats that he has also made out of the hat straw on his website.Big beautiful hats. What else have you used it for? Michelle
Find Hat Braid here: HatBraid