Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Displaying Your Special Things

As you climb the stairs to the guess bedroom you hit a landing on what we call a catwalk. That area at the top of the stairs where one can see over railings into the front and the back of the house's first floor rooms. The landing is just large enough for a chair and ottoman and this glass étagère. If you are thinking of where to put some special things, this might be a solution for you. I have 4 inside sections and a top to the case. On the top and not seen is a class case with a bridal doll in it. On the top shelf coming down is the Jackie Kennedy Bridal Doll and below her are some very special items to me. Among them are My first communion veil, some crocheted gloves worn on a special occasion, a beaded bag given to me as the captain of my drill team in high school. There is a jade tree purchased while stationed overseas and a name card for me sitting at a General's guest at his table. (My husband is a retired Marine.) There are two gifts you have to look to see, a crystal clock given as a thank you for making a Christening Gown and fragrant candle. Finally, my first doll completed start to finish. I took a Seeley's apprentice course and Elsbeth remains very dear. I completed a dress from a Mamie Didlake pattern before attending the class just so she could come home all dressed up. Isn't she sweet. Don't hesitate to get all your special things together. Believe it or not, it doesn't take up much space. The bottom shelves are special, too. But you have to wait to see those. Kathi

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