Monday, May 12, 2008

Displaying your Treasures

One of the few projects I do have finished is a doll store in a dome. My small sample is called "Then...Again Clothing!" A dome is a wonderful way to show like or disparate items. My dome sits on a chest in my bedroom with a silver comb and brush set, a cut crystal ring holder shaped like an egg and my long strand of pearls. The original idea was not mine, and if I get the story straight it was done at NAME as a bird house maker, and then someone else ran with the idea and made a Santa in his workshop, and then someone else made a doll store out of it, and my take is an antique and vintage clothing store. As long as you are happy making it and sharing it, I think that is important. I surely would like to give credit to the originator of this idea. Until then, I hope you enjoy picking out some of my work and that of others in the dome. I have a pattern available for the 20's Flapper Dress and Shoes(pattern #2003). Maybe that will get you going toward you won little clothing store. All fabrics are from The Doll Artist's Workshop and readily available. Kathi

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Heather Cutting-Rayl said...

This is absolutely lovely Kathi! What a wonderful way to display your treasures!
I really enjoy your blog!