Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day

This weekend in the US is solemn time that commemorates the men and women who perish while in military service to the Country. The Federal Holiday was first enacted to honor Union soldiers of the Civil War in the United States. (Also known as the War of Northern Aggression, or the War between the States.) Since WWI, the memorial has been for all military personnel who die in any war.

This weekend we honor the war dead. We take the time to say thank you for those who serve, and to remember our own family members who have also died. We lay wreaths on graves, we visit with others. AND we have family picnics, go to the beach. The end of Memorial Day is the official start of summer, of vacations and parties and a fun life. And we celebrate this on a somber occasion because the men and women who died, and those who survive think we should. They fought for the life we enjoy today.

So, Michelle and I, offer our commemoration to all the men and women of the uniformed services, those passed and those still with us. Thank you. Kathi and Michelle

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