Saturday, January 30, 2010

New goodies added to Doll Artist's Workhop/

I cannot believe it has been so long since I have posted. Where does the time go? Shame on me. But the good thing is that I have been very busy adding new things to my site. I am always on the hunt looking for new notions, trims, fabrics and what not.
For those of you who are not on my "Newsletter Subsciber Only Mailing List" now is your chance to sign up. Go to the home page of my website and and scroll down about 1" or so and right in the center is a sign up box thru constant contact. Very safe SPAM free place to sign up to get your newsletter. Which includes new item announcements and better yet subscriber only sales.
My new site allows me to track new items are they are entered. So you can always check here first for new items: The Whats New link is on the top bar above the xxxxxxx cross stitching.
Just to wet your apatite...I just added:
Less than 2mm in width- Real Pearls with holes:Narrow Velvet ribbon, in 17 colors.
Tiny 4mm Metal Buttons: After an insanely obsessive ridiculous amount of searching I found 5mm snaps in silver and black.
100% Pure Silver Velvet- Unbelievably soft and supple. A DREAM!
Silk Satin Cord - Now in 1/4". Did you know you can remove the cording in the center of the tube and use it flat? Since it will then me a bias cut tube of silk charmeuse you can it will loop and turn corners beautifully:
I was also able to acquire a "stash" of french wired ribbon. I am not sure you are aware but the factory in France is not longer making the acetate version. Several of the largest US distributors are no longer even stocking this fabulous ribbon that has been around for so many years. If you love now and stock up as I have a limited hoo...
Must get back to work.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

French Hand Sewing by Machine

When I got the invitation for a baby shower from my cousin Jackie and learned it was for her daughter Kitty, I was ecstatic. That meant my niece, Kitty, the gentle child with an old woman soul was having a baby of her own. (Here in the south, if the family is close, we forget all the second cousin and removing once or twice and just call our second cousins nieces and nephews. Lest you think we are stupid, we know the difference, we prefer to ignore it and keep the family close.) My “niece” Kitty is having a baby, and by looking at the invitation, she is having a GIRL! Her name will be Emma Jean. Is that not the prettiest name, so old fashioned.
I pulled out my favorite heirloom-sewing pattern and began collecting the supplies. Whew! The supplies are amazing and I had forgotten how much lace it took to realize this dress. That meant it was going to be expensive to make not to mention the 40 hours I already know it takes me to make it. What is a girl to do? I call Michelle ( and let her know I need bunches and bunches of lace, and made the order from her website. She hustled all the fabric and laces together for me and got them mailed fast.
Knowing I needed a full 40 hours, I set the entire Christmas week aside for the construction of the dress, as the shower would be January 3. I followed my plan on the first day to get all the panels completed. Great, things are working out. I needed to do pin tucking but found I did not have a pin tuck foot. (Don’t even suggest I do it by hand.) Call the dealer. Yea, they have it there. I will be in tomorrow to pick it up. I start the next morning finishing some small details but my machine is acting up. Call the dealer, what do I do, suggestions made, tried, pack up machine and take to dealer. I have to say Patrick at Sewing Machine Station saved my life. (That is not an exaggeration when one is sewing an heirloom dress.) The verdict was terrible; my machine was out of balance. Catastrophe! He sent me away for about an hour while he fixed it. He didn’t tell me it would be a week or 10 days, no, he fixed it right then. I did not hover, I found somewhere to go and wait for a call. About an hour and a half later, I had my machine, my foot, and a lost day. I refined my schedule, and got things ready to work again fresh the following day. (“Schedule, “you say? Yes, it is who I am and what I do. Miss organization.)
The following morning bright and early, I began again. Pin tucks are gorgeous and even, the Bernina working like a dream, and I am on my way. Other than taking a long time, 40 hours is NOT an exaggeration, the dress went together like a perfectly formed puzzle. I was on a roll, finally. I completed the dress with time to breathe. To tell you the truth I have made this dress four times, and I am so proud of it every time. Nevertheless, I believe this might be the last one. “Never say never, “they say, but….
I share with you the result of some pink Swiss Batiste, yards upon yards of Swiss lace insertions, edgings, beading and silk satin ribbon. You should try to make one of these dresses, but please don’t start with this pattern, although, she does tell you to when to take a break and eat some Kisses™. A break and some chocolate can get you through anything. Kathi

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New design for

After more than a sister and I have finally completed the complete revamp and redesign of my website. Many new items have been added. Same great service. Stop and and check it out.