Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Holiday Muff Tutorial

Part 2

   I hope you were able to make a fur edged pillbox hat, or at least save the project for a later date.  Today I am posting the fur muff to go with it.  Enjoy!  Kathi

Merry Christmas

It is Christmas Eve!  It is not snowing here on the island, but there is a quiet settling.  It    belies the last minute hustling to get things complete, yet still feels like things are definitely slowing down.  The shopping is complete.  Still, there is some wrapping to do, and some surprises that need to come from hiding places.  I can still sigh in relief as I made it through another year.  It seems like Christmas is always just a few weeks away.

 We are settling in for dinners, friends, and reflections on the purpose of the Christmas Season.  I want to take some time to thank all of you who read the blog and are interested in sharing our hobby.  I appreciate so much that of you who leave comments.  I still have difficulty responding to them.  I posted my first ever blog without Michelle’s help with the hat, so we are lucky I can do that? 

It will be Christmas in a few minutes.  A very special day to remember those we love.  Remember it is not about the gifts, it is about THE GIFT.  Merry Christmas

Kathi and Michelle

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Merry Christmas From Michelle and Kathi

  Wishing you all the joys of the holiday season!

The year has been a rush for me, first with the sale of our house and the move to the new one.  I admit I am a bit overwhelmed still with downsizing.  I thought I was a super organized person, but am finding faults.  We shall overcome it, and have everything down to manageable soon.  The house has taken a festive tone with our tree in place, a lighted wreath on the door, and some pleasant arrangements around.  I hope you are having a wonderful season as well. 

For me it is a time of year to count my blessings and tell people how much I appreciate them.  So, in the gift giving mode, I will be sharing my pill box hat and fur muff tutorials with you.  One this week and perhaps one next or the following week. 

Usually Michelle does all the posting, but I am going to give it a try.  Enjoy!  Kathi