Saturday, May 17, 2008

All Eyes Turned To Him

I have no idea but so many things fascinate me. I am truly an Austenite, authentic and inauthentic. I love Regency Romances, oh, heck I love romance novels of all kinds. I had been fascinated with the cover fashion plate on a Dover book for quite some time and wanted to make the 1822 Court gown in miniature. (So, far I have not published this pattern, but probably should.) It is not that hard, but there are a lot of parts. I loved this doll when I made her, when she won 100 points and Best in Category at a Seeley's convention and I love her today as one of my favorites. I think it is in the eyes. They just speak volumes. Do they not appear as she has just notice "The One" entering the room. A prince, an earl, her knight in shining armor? Well, for this particular figure the eyes have it. I hope you enjoy seeing her, too! Kathi

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