Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Former Life

In my former life...around 10 years ago(could it have really been that long?). Before was my "full-time" life. I was the Product Development Manager for Franklin Heirloom Dolls. When the powers that be decided to close down the design studio in Los Angeles and we were all layed-off. BUT, I was given the opportunity to design some dolls for them. This is one of my most favorite dolls that I have ever made(dusty lavender-Violette). I still love her to this day and and am most proud of her design. I have a factory copy of this doll here at home and I marvel at the work it took to make this design. In fact I sometimes think "did I really make this?" HOW??? The pattern is so complicated. But I know I did. I drafted that pattern! I think my pattern making skills are a bit rusty now, I would hate to have to do it over. Michelle

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