Monday, February 10, 2014

Country Armoire, Part Four

Before teaching my part of the birdhouse and bird’s nest, I took some inspiration from magazines.  One nest is from Victoria Magazine, the other is from Williams- Sonoma.  (Yes, those are chocolate eggs!  Yummy!) My turn came to teach the birdhouse and the nest, the inset shows the basic items.  Each person decorated to her own design. 
Birds Nest from Victoria Magazine
I used cardstock to make the bolts and cut tiny print cottons for the fabric to match my color scheme.  Marla Gilbert made the bunny; the metal etched glasses are a purchased item.  I made a little pin cushion with some wire with the ends dipped in paint.  I cannot remember but I believe the little yellow rubber glass was from a grab bag (?), and the flowers are centers of silk flowers.  They, too, are plastic.

You can see that I have moved on to add other items per the picture.  The little dress I taught at club, as was the heart vine topiary.  Cute, huh? The topiary was not complete at the picture taking.  My little white kitty (representing my late cat, Jack) sits curled up on the quilt.  

Finally, I used the samples I created for the La Petite Belle Pattern 1022, a shopping bag and hat, to fill out the corner next to the chair and to hang on the door.  (I was absent from the meeting when the hat was taught.)

Country Armoire, Part Five (Final)

This final post regarding the project shows more filling out of the armoire.  I have added lace to the shelves, and a knitting basket.  The basket is a purchase from Al Chandronait and a gift of knitting from Michelle Mahler of The Creative Doll; however, Michelle did not do the knitting.  The middle has a pot of plastic flowers. 

You can see from the pictures that I keep changing things.  I move them around a lot, and you will too when you create a vignette project such as this.  I have plates printed onto photo paper to stash, as needed, some ribbons, baskets, other porcelain china, as well as some Chrysnbon purchases with which to work.  Many items, like the copper kettle, did not make it into the final cut.  I found a tea set and knew I had the right thing for the top shelf.  The pitcher and bowl made it to the floor, and the excess china into the basket under the armoire.  Another china vase that Marla made shown next to the topiary is waiting for some additional something to add, and I snuck in a little Kewpie next to the chair. 

The next picture shows a Country Angel on top of the armoire made in a class at Suzanne Andrews Miniature Shop and a purchased country crock.  Kewpie is now gone and another bird’s nest placed in its space, while a mouse rests under the nose of kitty.  Another bag takes space behind the right armoire door.  More of the printed plates attached to the wall next to the chair.  Another bunny takes pride of place on the top shelf, and books complete the bottom shelf.   No doubt, you can see many things you would do, and I do too.  For example, I have a small china lamp to hang from the ceiling on the left to above the painting, but it is not there, yet.  For me, until I do that, this is a completed project.

I do hope you find a wonderfully inspiration picture and can turn it into a little memory box for yourself. 

Have Fun! 

Kathi Mendenhall