Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Finding Time for "Put Off" Tasks

I have been busy today doing things I have been putting off for over a year. Hubby took kids fishing for a few hours so I started dyeing. Dyeing and kids generally don't mix!! So I always seem put it off. It started when I bought this silk fabric with these great little teeny weenie diamonds woven in. When I got it the color was awful..I thought I was getting eggshell and it was a dull gray beige. REALLY dull and yucky. So I cut of a few yards of it, tossed it in the kitchen sink for dyeing. I had nothing to loose as I already lost out by buying it. I used the Colorhue dyes to dye up a batch in pink. Because Colorhue dyes are transparent they did not completely cover the gray/beige. So I got this wonderful rose color. After such great results I called up and ordered 10 more yards of that awful fabric. That 10 yards has been sitting on my table for year WAITING for time and inspiration to dye more. I figured since I was alone for a few hours and it is a HOLIDAY I could "waste" a bit of time doing something I never have time for. I am THRILLED. The colors I got are fabulous.
I got a sage green, an amethyst and a powder dusty blue along with the dusty rose. They are so vintage-y. Just like you got them out of Grandmas trunk. So I was further inspired to edge dye some ribbon...another project I have put off for months. I took some of the bias cut dupioni silk ribbon and rolled it up. I tried it on white, lavender and the cameo color. I am really pleased with the results. I see the possibilities. Now I wish I had more time to DYE!You can find the dyes here: Colorhue Dyes
The silk ribbon here: Bias Cut Ribbon but you could use any silk ribbon or trim.
The dyed fabrics here: Grandma's Silks
Michelle Mahler minidolls.com Doll Artist's Workshop

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Coming Attractions!

Dear Everyone,
It is that time of year again, the UFDC Doll Convention. (www.ufdc.org) If you recall there was a great bit of saving and I finally went to my FIRST convention last year in Atlanta. It was great fun for me. I even met up with my friends from here and we did a luncheon and some shopping together.
This year was a last minute decision and I am glad to say I am getting into a breakfast, a luncheon, three classes, and a seminar. Woo-hoo! I am blessed. I still have no idea of the location of the Robear's show and sale. (Did I even spell it correctly?) I did do a sign up for notice last year, but have not gotten anything this year, so will keep my eyes and ears open.
Last year it was all about the budget, this year even more so, as the hotel is expensive and my roommate had a change in plans. All for the good for her and it will most likely work out for me as well. (I plan to take some long over do sewing with me.)
I have been so quiet with the blog and Michelle has picked up all my slack. I so appreciate her. She takes care of posting anything I write. I have been working hard for two entries in the doll competition. One doll is in the antique category and one is in the modern. I have never entered this type of competition so I am trying to do my BEST work. I have little experience in the “antique style” and no hope of winning anything, but I do hope to come home with some wonderful information to make me a better sewer. The volunteers who have answered my questions and guided me through the correct submission and rules have been wonderful. I understand the judges will also answer questions about the how’s and why’s. That will be a wonderful learning experience if I can really have a chat.
The convention is in Chicago in mid July and I will be photographing and making a diary so I can blog it here…again. I hope you will find it interesting.
Am very excited about the convention souvenir this year, as my friend, Alice Leverett Henderson has created her, and a wonderful wardrobe to enhance her. It all looks precious. You can see Alice’s work at justalice.com. I can only dream of being that talented.
Susan Sirkis has been my idol for years, and this year I plan to meet her. When I first started doll making in miniature she set the standard for me. I have more artisans who are inspirational, but Susan is the first. I missed her last year, and that was so disappointing.
Also, am delighted to say Sheryl Williams is teaching class again this year and I am in it. She convinced me last year to learn as much as possible about the way the garments were made in the 19th century. I have tried, but I think I need more exposure to the real thing. Again, the competition will help a lot toward my goals.
I will report on all the classes and seminars, watch for it. I am hoping to add a Ball Jointed Doll to my little sewing array of dolls. I am hoping the doll artist will answer my email. If she does not, I will take my chances. It is a difficult time and the vendors have so much to do and prepare before the convention. Patience is a virtue. (At least that is what I hear!) I cannot wait to see the sales room. Be patient with me dear friends, I am creating as fast as I can.