Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Playing With Your Miniatures

When creating for La Petite Belle Patterns, minipatterns.com, I usually sell the prototype. But sometimes I keep them. The one's I have kept are put away in boxes. Eventually, I make a vignette, and usually it has gone through several stages before it gets to a real vignette that I can put together. And sometimes, they are years in the making as I keep adding to them. The dressing room vignette is a combination of several patterns and a collaboration with Ann Vanture of Paper Minis. (http://www.paperminis.com/) We have done a few of them and they were quite fun. I also have displayed miniatures which were received as gifts or purchased. There are three patterns represented in this display, 1006 Spa Basket and towels, 2004 Peignoir on mannequin, and 6001 white nightclothes). Ann Vanture paper minis are the paper boxes and bags. Roses and Valentines and many things are represented here. Pull out your box of goodies, I'll bet you have several items of a theme and you, too, can put them together for a wonderful display.

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