Saturday, February 23, 2008

Don't We Just Love to Play with Dolls??

I am reminded of a funny story. One of the fun things about having a little girl is the dolly factor. I could not wait to buy my baby daughter her first doll. I stopped myself from buying the $140 Lee Middleton, she was only 1 year old after all(I think I wanted it more than her..for sure). I found the most precious Cabbage Patch doll on sale. The ceremony of her first doll. Of course she ended up in the mud, disrobed and left out side. I wined..."But it's her first doll"! In the mean time her older brother discovered that the oven door could be opened and closed...opened and closed. Oh..Then you can put stuff into this box....I awoke one Sunday AM to the 3 kids and the hubby in the kitchen making breakfast. On the kitchen counter lay the melted mass of Natalie's first doll. Zach had put her in the oven, Hubby had turned the oven on and smelled the melting plastic to late. Her first doll! I have it saved anyway....


Unknown said...

I've gotta say I love your Blog!!!
So inspirational. I was fortunate enough to get a Burgess book--it is like eating cake with no calories.
Jan Hughes

Emma del Castillo said...

Hi Michelle,
Congratulations for your blog! I love the design and the articles are very interesting. I think to return to read some of them with more time. Thank you for sharing this place with us.
Emma del Castillo

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...
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