Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Dressmaker Kits

I have added a new Dressmakers kit to my website. It is available in 2 colors. I am going to try to make a new kit every month. Follow this link directly to this new kit: Ladies Reception Gown Kit

Colors Available are:
Olive/Ecru OR Blue/White.
See below for color choice preview


Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

I've enjoyed reading yours and Kathi's blog. I look forward to more interesting tid-bits!

I know you had indicated a way to email us back. If you click on my logo, it'll take you to my blog where you can email me.

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Great blog Kathi & Michelle. I look forward to more tidbits. You can reach me through my blog!

Thelma in Tucson said...

I'm a new subscriber and have really enjoyed looking through yours and Kathi's blog. I'll be sure and check in, now and then. Thelma S. in Utah

zzdeville said...

Fine-looking blog with intersting reading. Lots of work with producing a good blog so congrats to both of you. Will revisit.

Dolores said...

Wonderful blog. I admire Kathi's work so much and all the information she so willing shares. I will be back to see what is added. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Great blog. Love your article about John Burbridge, I have made quite a few of his designs in mini. The last one I did was the brown and gold you are showing. Irma

Tarnished Rose said...

I've enjoyed your blog and now I can't wait to get this dress kit. This is the perfect way to keep up with what you and Kathi are doing.
Marilyn H., St. Amant, LA