Saturday, February 9, 2008

Interesting Color Combination

One of the fun things about my work is that I am always getting to touch and feel pretty fabrics and look at all the colors. As I am putting my customers orders together I run across color combination that I would not always "see". Or if I get a new fabric even though I may not have time to make something of it I sometimes just play with the items. This combination started with the olive silk taffeta (top left) and the olive silk velvet(far right). I then got in the chartreuse velvet (bottom). I mushed thru my stock and found the stripe silk and the ecru lace....then the variegated buds and bows and the velvet leaves. unfortunately the glare of digital photography has changed the colors are a I am not sure my vision is coming across. They really do look luscious in person. What would you make? I am sending the fabrics off to a special friend. Maybe we will see them turned into a masterpiece some time soon.

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