Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Organizing in a Thoughtful Way

While I am waiting for the upstairs painter to arrive, I have been a little busy cleaning out the rooms, boxing, (rather reboxing), and moving things to a storage closet.  This makes me sore.  My mind doesn’t sore or tire quite so easily and I have been putting my mind to efforts of how to store and organize when I move back in.  I am too excited about a designated sewing and display room. 
While something is not on display how do I save it and make it look right?  And trust me, I can really overthink things.  And if you ever want to rationalize something you want to do, but have misgivings, give me a shout.  I am good at that, too. 

To that end, I have been playing with the Barbie Costume idea.  I have seen it many places as have you, package a set of clothes so you MUST have it.  I want things for the box these days as well.  I love boxes.  But I digress. 

To that end, I bought some boxes from a packaging company. I think I bought something like a 5’ x 6” and a 6” x 8”  Not really sure.  My excuse is they are packed up again and I cannot measure to be sure.  But your things might be different sizes and there is a lot from which to choose.    

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My plotting started with which doll fit the box, and which clothes went with her.  That settled the box sizes to buy.  I did not buy every size for every doll, as the 12” dolls will not fit into a box, but most of their clothes will.  That for another blog post.  (I am also a bit conservative with money. So mind your budget!) 

Here is a 6” Cathy Hansen Bru in a small box with her wardrobe.  Small wardrobe for now.  I have plans.  But then I questioned my decision, a doll with clothes or doll clothes with no doll. 

Let’s complicate this further as you see I drift as my mind works.  Don’t be appalled.  If I do the doll in this size box, I will only be able to fit the two dresses, the matching hats, and perhaps some other dolly, shoe, or purse accessories. What happens if I make more?  And how do I make it pretty if I want to compartmentalize?  Pretty scrapbook paper?  I cannot get the same paper as the bottom lining, so would I redo the bottom lining and do fancy folding to get compartments.  Can I make this any harder? 

I wanted to share is virtually the same, a sweet little Jumeau created by Sophie Pearson.  Doll with box, clothes only?  All the same little problems. 

All the time I am fiddling I am thinking about provenance.  Do I do a little card inside that says when it was made, who made it, and who designed it?  And notes about the inspiration?

I have more questions than answers and tons of inspiration.  Until I figure it out it is a nice place to store the items so they are not lost.  Bonus, they pack easily. Now you can be thinking about these things, too.  It would surely take a load off my mind. 

Have Fun!  Kathi


Carrie said...

Sounds like you have a lot to think about...LOL!
I bet you have a lovely collection to keep safe.

Marian said...

Queda preciosa esa exposición de la muñeca y sus complementos.
Es una bonita manera de tenerlo todo guardado y protegido.
Un saludo