Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Let’s Talk Virtual Doll Convention!!

Do you Facebook? Are you registered? I am. The prices, low, low, low! The benefits are high, High, HIGH!! How do I know? I am a slow adopter of everything. I mean turtle slow, no wait snail slow! Adamant as a matter of fact. I am a Luddite! Facebook, uh NO, Twitter, more dislike, tolerate email. But here I am a convert!
It started with a class I wanted to take with A is for Artistic. Love those classes, but the format has changed. To take my last wonderful class I had to be on Facebook. What was I supposed to do? I crawled through the process, of course. LOL! Truth is I do not have time for all the methods to communicate. I made time for my classes.  And found I also have time for the Virtual Doll Convention.

Again, slow adopter. I missed the first one. Convinced and cajoled to do the second one by friends created excitement. I am not a doll collector and feelings of not belonging to the group were heavy on my mind. Unsure of the process and being all-around uncomfortable with new things, I signed up for the blog first.

I received my first post, and there it was, the feeling of being important, not just to sell to, but to the whole community.  More to the point, I love costuming dolls. I did not need to be rich, or famous, and didn’t have to sell myself, or what I had to offer. I didn’t need to collect dolls.  Being me was ENOUGH. Or that is what she said. And over the months I have begun to BELIEVE. Yes, me a believer.
And with that, I wanted to play, even join in! Me a non-joiner! True! I mosey into the wonderful world of Virtual Conventions, Sales, Classes, and get-togethers. I learned what a watch party was, and how to have dinner with everyone, tablecloths, and menus included! Okay, so there are too many exclamation points. That’s okay, it that exciting to play.
I have taken classes with the best in the business. You know the teachers you are afraid to talk to because they are so well known? Then you find they answer your mail and post comments on your work, and value your opinion. I know it is unheard of, but that is the wonderful place that is the Virtual Doll Convention. It is the atmosphere that Rachel Hoffman et al work to bring to us. A place of inclusion and acceptance and wide differences in interests.  Prepare to be happy. Share the fantastic. Enjoy the corny and funny collectibles and people. Appreciate the world of dolls, bears, antiques, modern and everything between. This is a great community for collectors and Do-it-yourself creators.
It's Summer Fling Time!  What have you got to lose, $15.00?  (And believe me, I don’t take 15.00 lightly.)  Did I tell you there is a free pattern?  The most gorgeous, sumptuous blue and white antique reproduction dress imaginable.  (For an extra fee from the Carmel Doll Shop Boutique you can have a kit as well.)  The class and pattern are FREE with registration!
 Yes!  We’re at the beach, we are at the pool, we are Beach Babes at the Summer Fling.  Come on in, the water’s fine. 
Still a late adopter, don’t want to join Facebook?  Not important, Rachel has a way to include you too!  Join, get emails about where to view the videos on U-tube, and download the pattern.  You are not excluded.  The magic of the internet is there to serve you.  With the joining, you can get a link in your email to see the videos, download the pattern, and decide for yourself.  Read all about it here:

Let’s Have Fun!  Kathi


SextonBasilica said...

What a wonderful write up for these very fun events! It really is a wonderful community.

Kathi Mendenhall said...

This event turned out to be fabulous. They get better and better, and with You Tube Rachel is making it more available for everyone. I love the Flings, and the Convnetions.