Wednesday, July 1, 2020

July 1, 2020

During Japan month on the Mindolllist forum at IO, we began by concentrating on the doll. Dressing a miniature Geisha would take us the most time as some of the kits needed to reach a worldwide audience.  And some of our membership are doll makers and needed to finish sculpting or firing porcelain.   Dressing a miniature doll of any form takes some time and effort.  The scale is the biggest issue.  And when it comes to a foreign (to me) nation, I needed to learn as much as possible to not disrespect the process and traditions and get it as correct as I could. 
We viewed videos via YouTube and had much inspiration for Geisha on Pinterest.  I had moved along quite well with the intention of “painting” the kimono fabric myself and turning it into a fabric printing company, but the lock-down got in the way of having the fabrics in time.  I was fortunate that Deb Laue at Dragonfly International had the fabrics as I needed the best substitute.  The weight was wonderful, and it had the correct scale and was a silk crepe of a doll kimono fabric I had seen most office while in Japan.  She came to the rescue for us.  Sending me quite enough, but just barely enough of the different colorways to be able to make several kits.  Debbie Jones of Kitz! Miniatures had the white painted porcelain of a Geisha woman up to the split toes for the tabi that they wore. 
Dressing a miniature doll can be tricky as with kimono sometimes there are quite a few layers, and tricks are performed by every miniaturist to remove bulk and have the doll dressed as close to the body as possible.  And boy, did we use as many of the tricks as we knew. The results were wonderful.  Some of our group used their own fabrics and skills to create scenes and costumes for themselves.
I'd like to share a few dolls created by members of Minidollist at IO.  
A set of Geisha by Jean P. of the United Kingdom 

The original Geisha inspiratioon doll by Kathi M.  

Geisha in Blue and red by Lynn B. 

Gesha in other silks fabrics by Nellie P. 

Samurai by Paola R. Italy

Geish in her display case by Winnie V V of Australia
If Minature dolls are your thing, please join us at

If you are interested in making a Geisha, the pattern and other goods can be found here:
Patterns and Fabrics:
Miniature Kitz of a Japanese theme.  See the same as above. 
Other laser kits are offered by the companies above. 
Additional fabrics, trim and notions can be found for all your miniature or dressing doll needs at The Doll Artist’s Workshop

Have Fun!

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