Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Final Notes on Japan Days on Miniature Group

We are so lucky on the Miniature Doll List to have many talented miniaturists let alone with doll makers.  I thought I’d share today some of the final finished vignettes and a tearoom that was fairly special, too. 

Deb Laue of Dragonfly International ( carried quite a few kits as well as offering several kits for free.  These included a floral sprig of Cherry Blossoms, a static hanging kimono, and several other miniatures cut and play accessories. 

Debbie Jones of Kitz! Miniatures ( )also had some special kits prepared for displays.  The most wonderful Kimono Stand is true to scale size and displays the above kimono beautifully.  Plus, she had a teapot stand with cups and teapot, darling geta, Ikebana bowl and plants, a wall scroll (that said Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8), and other special items. 

When so many of our members participate and add kits and "printies" of their own it makes for a really special project.  Our members took advantage of all the kits and made some wonderful vignettes to show off the Japanese themed month and added to their collections.  I wish I could post them all. 

What beautiful and creative ways to display miniatures.  

See you next week.  In the meantime, Have Fun!

Only a few of the wonderful kits available.

Japanese Boxes by Annilee Taylor

KimonoStand, Ikebana and Scroll at Kitz Miniatures

Shoji screen by Jane Layden from kit by Dragonfly Intl. 

Tea Set and Tray made by and available at Kitz Miniatures

A set of keepsake boxes at DragonflyIntl.

And these wonderful Vignettes and a Tea Room

Close-up of decked out shelves
Full Vignette by Nellie Pappas

Side View of Tearoom by Lynn Miller in a workshop

Front View of Tearoom by Lynn Miller 

This little lovely by Jane Layden is a book cover which opens to below 

Beautiful vignetter that is enclosed within a book for the bookshelf.

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Carrie said...

The Japan theme was lovely and very informative. I throughly enjoyed learning about the culture and the Geisha.
I saved your blog to my favorites. We need more miniature doll blogs!