Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Cinderella, Another Interpretation

My first UFDC doll convention was in 2009.  I was so excited to receive my Grace Doll as the souvenir.   The theme was “With Grace and Favor”.  You can read it here:

She sat in her box for years and it appeared I would never look at her again.  However, uh, 6 years later, I took a trip to Colonial Williamsburg.  I visited the dress shop there and purchased fabrics to create a daywear costume for her.  

I had seen on the internet that Darlene Lane, repainted the doll to give her more depth and personality.  I thought I would take up the challenge and two of my dolly friends allowed me to repaint their dolls as well.  That was courageous of them.

Since then more time has passed.  The French Fashion Doll Sewing Club ( created a challenge for us all which they do periodically throughout the year.  We have plenty of time to create our fashions.  This challenge came to us as a create a doll costume in Cinema-Novel 1755 – 1920.   Quite a  generous timeframe!  

As I pondered my choices, and there were many, I kept drifting back to Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast genre of fairy tales.   The illustrations I found researching 1755-1800. (DuLac, Disney, et al.)  This would be appropriate as the Brothers Grimm were born and educated during this time.  Their first book was published in 1802.  Joining the doll to the period, what better doll that a doll who lived in Colonial Williamsburg.  The Grace doll is now, newly named, Cinderella and with a host of costumes.  I thought I would share some new dresses with you.  (Once I started, I was on a roll.)  I was really excited to present Cinderella not in her finest. 

Keira Knightly in The Duchess, the dress with background removed and my interpretation of dress

Doll and all the pieces that go with her Cinderella "Rags" 
When I think of The Duchess, with Kiera Knightly, I do not think of Cinderella in rags, however, the act of removing the background of the original picture, seen on Pinterest, left the net stole looking a bit ragged, and it served me well for period inspiration.  The picture was my inspiration, the patterns are my creation.  I tried to spotty tea dye the skirt and it shows some in the picture.  She needs a bucket for her mop, and she carries a feather duster.  A mob cap helps keep her hair clean. 

Cinderella on her way to the Ball, with and without the mask
Finally, Cinderella would go to the ball.  All giddy from her experience with her Fairy Godmother, she arrives masked and ready to dance.  This pattern is by Sheryl Williams.  She had created a pattern CD that was with the convention Journal in Atlanta in 2009.  It would have taken me forever to whip out these dresses without her patterns and inspiration.  The butterfly mask is my own idea.  I drew the butterfly, plastered we buckram to her face to get the shape of it, and drew out the eyes.  The rest was on hand embellishments, paint, glitter, beads, stones, whatever I could find.  She has a fancy ball headband for when she is not wearing her mask.   

Other Costumes for Cinderella
A fancy costume created from Sheryl Williams pattern

De La Reine after Marie Antoinette, pattern by Sheryl Williams

More To Come

There are a Little Red Riding Hood inspired dress nearly complete, and a wedding dress to make, and I hope to share those with you when I finish them.    Currently, they are taking a back seat to other things with deadlines, and more work on the house, but I am looking forward to completing them. She will have a wonderful wardrobe once she is married.  

Whatever you are working on, Have Fun!  Kathi 

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