Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Sewing Box, Redefined!

Welcome to August. This week we look at a finished project.  I had a lovely box, a trifold box, just waiting for a doll and her wardrobe.  But for some reason, I wondered if this couldn’t be something else.  And look, it could!  

I wanted to do something with the myriad sewing supplies I had made and collected in miniature.  Some things were from round tables, Ann Vanture Paper Minis, baskets as gifts, small prizes won, door prizes, gift bags, and other collectibles from many artists.  They were all within the theme of sewing. 

(  Look for other scales as well.  A wonderful place to fill out just what you need and have a little craft time, too.)  

This week the finished project, and next week a few tricks of how I pulled it together as a “Sewing Box”.  

The overall finished box was a trifold box, finished with paper and latches. 

 The Center of the box, partially opened, contained the sewing room itself.  The Victorian Armoire with children’s dresses I had made, a crocheted purse by Lajuana Whitwell, a little porcelain pincushion.  The Wallpaper from Itty Bitty purchased at Miniature Cottage in Nashville, TN.  The gown created by Mary Carl Robertson.  All my friends from the Nashville Miniature Club.  Paper mini-posters and boxes and some of the all-around items by Ann Vanture.  Miscellaneous bits of ribbons and laces. 

(Miniature Cottage, Nashville, TN.  Be sure to stop in for all sorts of delights.) 

On the left side of “the room” are mannequins, books, more clothing, and hats.  A shelf made from a kit purchased at Suzanne Andres Miniature shop in Nashville.  (No longer there.) Bolts of fabrics and more sewing baskets.  A shoe as a bookend and an outsized pair of scissors.  Just fun stuff. 

 To the right is a cabinet with bolts of fabric, also Ann Vanture Paperminis, a little glass bird on more shelves, a lamp for the late nights meeting deadlines.  More books, more laces, more ribbons. 

 And finally, the whole box insides for a room box to delight.  How else to spread out and take up less room at the same time.  One can surely corral any number of disparate things to have a wonderful display. 

 I think next week I will tell you how I accomplished a few things with this project and perhaps one thing could inspire you to a new room, too!

Until next week.  

Have Fun!


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