Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tools of the Trade - Box 1 - Sew

Today I am going to show you the Sewing Box. Within this sewing box I have the various sewing items based on the sewing I do most. Let's talk about the items and what I like about mine and you can decide about your own.

In the sewing box all filled you will notice there are different kinds of pins and needles and couple extra cases. I'll explain these also. But you can see I can squeeze a quite tidy amount of needed items in my little plastic case.

My most used items are a set of tiny and long beading needles in the plastic bag. I think they are a size 15 or 16. I try to take good care of them. I have a long set of embroidery scissors (Gingher in black leather case), a set of cuticle scissors (multitude of uses), a small pair of Gingher (brown leather case), silk pins, needle cases for my favorite needles, a ruler and a little ironing board.

(You might notice that there is Japanese writing on the yellow silk pin case. I lived in Japan for quite a few years and have guarded this box jealously. )

I have two favorite sewing needles, Clover Golden Eye 10 Sharps and Nickel plated #9 needles. I have a ruler in almost every plastic box. The little ironing board is made from a tongue depressor, shaped into a point, padded and covered with cotton. Comes in really handy. I read about this a long time ago and would like to give credit but I have no idea where I read it.

In the box you might notice I have assorted straight pins, they come in handy. There are "bug" pins and quilters pins, a thimble and some thin beading thread and needle threaders. What is going to be in your sewing box? Kathi

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