Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Remarkable Characters of Nancy Cronin

I started working with Nancy Cronin this year. It was something I had thought of for over a year, but as it is with any artist one admires we think they are untouchable and unreachable. This was not the case when I finally approached Nancy. I have loved her witchy little ladies and men and her unique perspective on the little ones since I saw my first one. I was asked to teach again at a Fun Day in Chattanooga and asked what the theme would be. "Something kitchen-y, we believe!" Well, all I could think of was Nancy's little dolls and told them I would like to do a kitchen witch. Well, I was set. And now I had to really chat with Nancy, I was nervous. But I did it!

During our planning I asked Nancy about her history and we chatted like most people getting to know one another. Nancy said when kitchen witches became popular in the early 1980's she thought she would like to make one to hang over her mother's sink. Her mother always liked the things Nancy made for her, so thought the lucky little witch would be a lot of fun for her. The witch she made for her mother was a soft sculpture made of nylons stockings. Nancy says, " I had a wonderful time and lot's of giggles creating her." Nancy continues, " Well mom took one look at her and declared, 'Take her away she is so ugly!' " Her mother was serious as she liked beautiful things, but Nancy did not feel rejected at all. She says she was inspired to make more, and that spawned her career in sculpting in many different mediums. About 5 years ago, Nancy was looking for inspiration in her huge collection of books and magazines, and she was drawn to her little yellow Post-It Note, which in turn led her to an article and pictures of 1/12th scale dolls. That was her light bulb moment. She was a miniature doll artist, she has never looked back and these little witches have remained her favorite characters to create. Kathi

Nancy is teaching a class at the Tom Bishop Show in Chicago. If you would like to make Glamour Puss visit here:

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