Friday, March 26, 2010

The Slip

We continue dressing this young miss in her 1950's style dress. She requires period undergarments, as the silhouette needs to be perfect. The petticoat also needs to support the weight of the gown. Using the internet as a resource and a few books I have in my personal library, I found a slip that would fit the bill. (I have no idea what Princess Grace wore under her gown.) The sample slip is flat on the front and has three rows of lace to support the back of the gown and the train. Since we are making a reasonable facsimile of Princess Grace's wedding gown, I know there are two pieces to this gown, a dress and a skirt over the dress. I do have to consider scale as this figure is only 6" tall. To do that, I will be eliminating the front of the skirt going forward and using this slip as my guide. I have also, starched the lace with spray starch, and pinned the ruffles in while it dries. In miniatures, one adds gravity as the fabrics will not drip on the hand as they would if making a real life sized garment. The smaller the piece of fabric the stiffer it is. There is less for gravity to pull down.
I have used vintage laces so far on this garment. I am so close to being out of it. Thankfully, I will change laces after this slip. The lace dress is next. Stay tuned.


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

She's gorgeous, and I cannot wait to see her all finished!

DollZandThingZ said...

Really beautiful! You have used so much detail on so much of what won't be seen. EXQUISITE! She really is very beautiful.

Pattyjo said...

She is just beautiful! I would just love to make something that beautiful and make wonderful clothes like you are...I think I want to be you.(honest I'm not a weird stocker). Just green with envy.LOL
You are full of talent and I soooo appreciate you sharing each step. How gorgeous! I am waiting to see the next step. Who taught you how to make the body and head of your beautiful lady?

Kathi Mendenhall said...

Dear All,
Thank you for your kind comments. The doll was created in a class by Patricia Rose. Search her name on the internet. I hate to cover up portions as well, but I also want to show that it is possible to make things correctly even when the doll is 6" tall. She is now finished, so wait for the final picture. Kathi