Monday, March 22, 2010

Undergraments continue

Once I made some decision about the dress, the rest just fell into place. I did not want to miss a single piece of garment, but I had to think constantly about scale and the outcome. After all, I am striving for authenticity. There are more garments to assemble for a complete look. I do not want her appearing as if there is no gravity at all. She still must look completely in scale. The corset is the cross between a cotton long line bra that one wore in the 1950's and a lace corset that my contemporary girl found at the mall. Never the less, she felt the more conservative cotton one would be a better solution than having laces fighting over one another with the dress. To keep the corset thin and in scale I used a Swiss Batiste and some fine lace pieces. Every time I add a piece, I am afraid I will ruin her. Yet, each step seems to make her more complete, closer to the bride I have envisioned. I hope you can stick around for more pieces. Her slip will be next. Thank you for reading our blog, it is wonderful to share this experience.


DollZandThingZ said...

This work is so beautiful it is a shame to cover it with a dress! You are doing such a great job! Love watching your progress!

DLSarmywife said...

Kathi, she is coming along beautifully!!! =D

Jackie said...

Kathi, your doll is awesome and so beautiful! you do an excellant job of writing and blogging! I cannot wait for more!

Jdee said...

Wonderful detail! Everything is perfect and the doll is so pretty!