Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Lace Dress

As I stated in a previous Blog the wedding dress is worn in two parts. There is a lace dress and a silk skirt with cummerbund over the lace. I have to concern myself with scale and bulk at this point, as there are already several layers of clothing to achieve an historically correct or technically correct dressing of a figure. That is usually my aim, not only a pretty doll, a correctly dressed one. I have allowed myself some liberties, as this is a contemporary young woman wearing her Grandmother's dress. She prefers some modern accessories, such as pantyhose and contemporary shoes. Her bouquet will be au currant and we have not made any decisions about jewelry, though I can tell you she is not wearing any heirloom diamonds from her fiancĂ©. What her engagement ring and wedding band look like, I have no idea…yet. I do not even know if it is platinum or gold. However, I digress.
Today we are taking a peak at the lace dress. I have shown a picture of her dress and the pinning and starching process while it dries. I do want the gown to hold its shape. I starched the lace to hold pleats and ruffles. The dress is very light and not stiff when touched, however.
I used about 1 1/2 yards of 2" lace to accomplish the lace dress. Sewn to the front are size 20 beads, which will decorate her hairdo as well. I have not yet decided to bead the entire bodice. The reason is these beads are TOO large for a scale doll. I am not sure I have enough of the size 24 beads for the whole bodice. Such is life and having a stash. When you finally pull out the good stuff to use it, invariably there is not enough. One compensates in other ways. So far no more beading, but that is not a "final answer”.
You may also note this is where I start dropping off the fabric. To maintain a small waist and hips, I have forgone the front of the lace dress and only created the back dress design. You will only see this lace when the figure is completely dressed. I have used the side of the slip as my side of the dress line.


JDayMinis said...

So gorgeous!!

DollZandThingZ said...

Stunning! Beautiful dress...beautiful work!