Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chapter 13 - The Evening Wear

Emilie has a new ball gown for the events of the summer. The gown pictured is from a La Petite Modele fashion that Louise Hedrick adapted to fit the Ultimate Fashion Doll by Alice Leverett. (www.justalice.com) I made this gown in a class at the UFDC headquarters in Kansas City. The articles are so sweet I wanted to include them in Emilie's story. Swiss cotton tulle, silk ribbon and pearls make this gown a confection. D├ęcolletage is low as were evening gowns of the mid to late 1860's. (There is a lilac cape to match not shown) Alice Leverett also created a wonderful accessory kit that I have not completed. (Who doesn’t have an unfinished project in the workroom? I know you do!) The kit includes the dance card (completely filled in with dances from a real antique dance card) a lace handkerchief, glove case, silk evening gloves, a keepsake box, silk evening slippers and a feather fan. (To purchase the pattern please contact Louise, lhstudio@worldnet.att.net)

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