Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Making a Silk Ribbon Peace Rose

How to Make a Multi-Colored Peace Rose.

All you need to make ribbon roses is a Rose tool, scissors, ribbons and glue.Step 1
Begin with pink ribbon slipped between the prongs of the rose tool. Place a small amount of glue on the end, fold ribbon over prongs to meet and begin to roll, at least one time around.Step Two
Fold the ribbon 45 degrees and secure with dot of glue at the base.
Steps Three and Four
Continue with folds for two or three more “petals". Secure with dot of glue at the base and clip away the pink ribbon.
Step 4
Step Five
Place a bit of glue on the pink ribbon edge and begin again with a yellow ribbon
Steps Six, Seven and Eight
Continue several folds, pictures 6, 7, 8 until you have the desired fullness.

Step Nine
Press a bit into shape after the yellow ribbons is removed.
Step Ten
If desired add a couple of additional petals of pink as shown here in pink. Remove from rose tool and add stem if desired.

Step Eleven
Clip about 1/3” green ribbon at angle on either end. Glue this bit to the underside of the rose to appear as a calyx.

Step 12
Glue more small ribbon snips to represent leaves.



Daisy said...

Oh,thanks for tutorial!

Unknown said...

Where can I get the rose tool? Thanks for the tutorial.

michellemahler said...

You can find the ribbon rose tool here: