Saturday, June 28, 2008

Displaying your Treasures

Now the bottom of the étagère!

We recently looked at what was on the top shelves of an étagère in my home where I display some of the treasures and memories of my life. In addition, we see the bottom shelves. Next to Princess Grace is my wedding veil. My father, a Master Sergeant in the Air Force when he retired, had been to Spain when I was a child. My parents allowed us to open one present on Christmas Eve before we went to midnight Mass. Dad gave Mother and I the boxes to open that year when I was 12. I gently opened the box and there before me was this wonder of lace, a Spanish mantilla. I cried it was so beautiful. My mother wore a black one and I wore the white to mass that Christmas Eve. Later I gently folded it to store it back in the box and my father asked why? I told him I was going to wear it for my wedding veil. And I did. I even bought a frame to hold it up as we see mantillas in pictures. (Though not quite so high)

Oh, yes, what is that all piled in the bottom? There is fur and some red and some white, all jumbled up there, well not really. Those were my grandmother’s hats. My mother and aunt gave them to me by my mother and aunt. I cherish them, and every time I pass, I see her in them. Kathi

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