Sunday, April 20, 2008

What Inspires you?

I get my inspiration from several places, but all of us have our favorites. Bringing the picture to life in miniature produces quite a few challenges. Here I found several challenges and it began with the mannequin itself. My inspiration photo is from a museum display. Having been to a traveling show from the Cincinnati Museum I was able to see these figures first hand. I borrowed a photograph from the internet to show the mannequins prior to be dressed. I created the porcelain in white and used silk paper for the hair. The original suit was of linen. Swiss batiste and china silk for the lining were my choices for the miniature model. Particularly difficult was creating the "spines" for the parasol and I actually wove the "straw" for the hat using embroidery floss, 1 strand. In creating miniatures one must get creative, but with computers and art equipment getting better, easier and more available, anything is possible. For this presentation, I added an Art Nouveau pin on her lapel and a beaded bag. Kathi

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