Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Notes for Sewing Room Outside


I began with a box that had been created for us in a club situation.  One of our members Pate Steele’s husband created them for us.   I bought a few of them.  (Many mini and doll projects were calling.)

They looked like this:

I painted the box black and filled the interior with the Itsy Bitsy Mini wallpaper in fashion design.   I could not locate my specific pattern, but there are many from which to choose and personalize your room box. 

When that was complete, I decided to then paper the box, though I had already painted it.  So, I began to choose from some shelf papers in a French Toile pattern. 

After covering the lower portion of the box with the toile, I tried to think of something different for the top portion.  The box sat for a little while.  (I played with the interior a bit, to be honest.)   I thought and thought, and came upon the idea that this was a pattern box.  It was a sewing room or shop after all.  Placing a number of patterns in a basket, I took pictures from the top, bottom, right, left, back, and then printed, and cropped until I got the right picture for the top edges of the room box.  That was fun, however; it took a great deal more time than I thought. 

A little braid trim to hide the seam line and it was time for the fun stuff!!! 

And here is the fun stuff again! 

Use your imagination, and Have Fun!


elizabeth s said...

how PERFECTLY Adorable as well as Creative your mini sewing room is: tailor-made for a Real Life seamstress! :D

Kathi said...

Thank you, Elizabeth!