Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Christmas in August - Sort Of


Do you belong to a club?  Draw names?  Must make the gift yourself?  Need an idea? This was me a few years back.  I drew the name of a collector of beautiful things and maker par excellence!  She did not, she had said, I remembered, have much room left.  And I knew she liked the little ladies.  What to do, what to do? 

Here I am with a small gift and some easy instructions.  Not detailed mind, but if you make miniatures this could be easy. 

All you need is a 5” X 7” picture frame with a small mat, some scrap papers, a copier, some photo paper, and a half-scale doll.  The almost 3” size.

Create a small black box of a bottom dimension of 3” X 5”.  I made a box of black scrapbooking paper with a 1” side to it.  Borrow a picture of a pretty folding screen (outside) from the internet and print this onto shiny photo paper.  Scale it to fit inside the little black box.  (You can do this in any program now by squeezing to fit or dragging corners.) Cut this out with a scalpel.

This picture will allow you to see the size and scale of the project.  

Now copy a couple of dresses you like, size them, and print them on some cardstock.  Use bits of fabrics and ribbons to glue on the paper dresses for hanging on the screen.    And, dress your little dolly with small scraps by shaping and wrapping.  Embellish as you like.  Use a long glass head pin wrapped with ribbon as a parasol.  Add any other items you may have to spruce it up and bring your creation to life.   

This is a closer view.  Click to enlarge more.  

Put it all together.  Use some scrap paper to line the bottom of your little box representing wallpaper.  Using a ruler and ball stylus, score from the backside, the screen, and fold into thirds.  Sharpen up edges of the screen with scalpel and markers.  Then glue you pretend dresses as if they are thrown over or hanging on the screen. 

Glue the mat onto the box and allow to dry then frame it up with the glass holding it all together.  The frame stand should be free to sit on a desk or table or hang on the wall. 

This is a picture of the final presentation with the frame added.  

Have Fun, Kathi



Carrie said...

That is adorable Kathie. I have dressed one 1/2 scale doll for a friend. No matter who made it, including my own, I find their arms seem too long. Is it just me?

elizabeth s said...

A Marvellous idea and Beautifully Made!
and I bet the recipient was Thrilled!

Kathi said...

Carrie, I believe I answered you privately about the arms. But yes, they do look weird at the small sizes but are perfectly correct. And Elizabeth, yes, she was happy with the size and the content. Wiping brow!

Thank you for commenting.Kathi