Friday, July 31, 2009

UFDC Report – Day 4 (Still)

Budget Busters
Do you want to see the half dolls I could not live without? I haven’t dressed them yet, but that’ll come. These are created by an artist named Kathy Redmond. I understand she did quite a lot of these slip decorated dolls. To me they are a cross of china head dolls, half dolls and Dresden dolls. They are just wonderful and I had never seen this artist before. When I saw them the first time, I was mesmerized. I just stared at them. But I did walk away.
On Wednesday when they were both still there I did not know what to do. Truly, I loved them both and could not make up my mind. Therefore; I bought both. I do not regret it. And as for the whole budget we talked about, at the end of the week, I only went over 200.00. Not too bad, huh?
Enjoy! (Did I mention the food was great?)
p.s. my jealousy is now a serious issue...Michelle


michellemahler said...

HI, You did good,they are Great,, i would of done the same,( I Have) LOL. I am so happy for you. Lots of Hugs Billie Houston.

michellemahler said...

And how COULD you choose ONE?
Both are Lovely.
Maybe do one as her wedding day and the other as her 1st anniversary? Just a thought :-)
Thanks for the convention posts - love them!
Have a sunny day,

michellemahler said...

Well do not know if you get responses or not. But I love your tale.

Can't wait for tomorrow or wait I think it is now.

Ann Barton