Thursday, July 23, 2009

UFDC Convention (Day Two – Monday)

Well, Monday was a fun day for me. I had not been scheduled for a workshop (though I tried for one) so decided to set off for another show that runs in tandem with the convention. This is called the National Doll Show. A free bus runs between the two venues so there is time to do everything. I met Nada Christensen in the morning and we set off to catch the bus for a fun day shopping.
Most of you know I am not really a doll collector, so I went for fabrics, laces and whatever caught my eye. There were THREE showrooms, all delicious. I purchased fabrics and laces, and oh, my Goodness, a doll caught my eye. I stared at the half dolls so long but was sure it was a mistake. I learned what I could of the maker, Kathy Redmond, and moved on. I was not there to buy dolls; I was there to indulge in fabrics. (But the dolls haunted me.)
I snagged some gorgeous full length laces, and to die for colors in silk. And then I turned a corner, there before me was a booth that sold antique and vintage fabrics. (See the picture) The top fabric is green and black, 1860’s, the sheen doesn’t show, nor the fineness, so beautiful. The second with the dots, is 1830’s, can you believe it? It is VELVET, so fine and soft, feels like air! The third fabric is a vintage sheer gauze floral stripe. (Wonderful for my “large” 12” Ultimate Fashion®) And finally, the white is a dotted net. I longed to find a black one, but snagged the white anyway. I am in love with these fabrics.
Nada (pronounced NAY- duh) bought a wonderful antique milliners shop in 1/12th scale for her sales table at the UFDC convention. We missed our bus, so sat down and ordered lunch, visited and shared stories. We separated when we returned as she needed to finish setting up her sales table and I wanted to work on a sewing project I brought from home.
Later that afternoon, I went to a table hostess meeting, a large opening ceremony where the announcements were made and the finally, the convention sales room opened. You guessed it, on to more fabric and laces. And I did buy more fabrics, from three more vendors, and more trims, and looked at more of the most gorgeous antique and modern dolls I have ever seen. What a wonderful event.
Well, I was spent for the day and needed to chat with hubby and catch some shut eye before classes the next morning.
Stay tuned for more about the convention and exhibits and workshops.
P.S. did I mention the food was wonderful?
Kathi R. Mendenhall, IGMA Artisan
La Petite Belle Patterns

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Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Uh...I am dying over your fabric score! Gorgeous!