Wednesday, September 9, 2020

The Dior Project or Candy's Room


Late last year my friends Debbie Jones of Kitz! and Dana Burton and I got together on the MiniDollList forum and created a project for our group. (Click to join the forum.)  Dana made the doll named Candy, there are no more kits available. She is our inhabitant.  Dressed for a special night on the town. Debbie sells many miniature kits at great prices for the DIY crowd.  Also, if you want a miniature doll she has contacts for some really talented miniature doll makers. 

It was great fun and wonderful confab! 

We started with the idea of a 50’s Closet, Dior, Chanel, and other designers of the 50s.  We wanted something that could be contemporary but perhaps a woman who collected period clothing and the ideas flowed freely from there.  We had a lot of fun doing it and our group participated in all the best ways, and like Japan month, everyone contributed. 

Each of us had our function; Dana created the doll and doll kits; I did the design and Debbie did everything else.  She did a lot! LOL!   

Today I am going to show you the room I designed, and Debbie’s husband Charles cut for us on a laser.  We spent some time on the design, fitting, and building of the closet.  building designing and building the closet.  We all decided on a black and white base theme as it was to be a closet or dressing room, and we wanted all our participants to be able to put their own personalities into them. 

The entire closet fits into an 8” X 10” picture frame and fits together using foam core board walls and floor.  The closet structure fits within the walls of the frame.  This closet is so expertly cut, it just slides into the space once it is assembled and painted.  The white color allows for all the accessories to pop. 

The Closet.

We looked for this closet to function as any real dressing area might, concentrating on display.  There is plenty of space for hanging clothes, a vanity, and cute little pouf for a tuffet (every girl needs one) finally drawers and shelves.  Filling and imagining what all will go into it is such fun! 

The Basics

We planned for the demilune table with a picture and accessories such as a perfume tray, nail polish, a floral display, or whatever someone wanted there.  Kitz! Got it all together in one place for people to pick and choose what they wanted.  No small feat!  The picture borrowed from the internet reinforced the display theme. (the picture was not sold it is a copyrighted item) however a set of frames were developed, and one could use anything available or their imagination.   

If you would like to take on this project, please see what is available here:

There are two pages.  Click through if you would like to make some of these items or have ideas of your own. 

In the next two weeks, we will look at more of the items prepared for this project, free tutorials, and some free patterns as well. 

Until more surprises next week,

Have Fun! 


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