Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Dior Room Complete


Last week we looked at a basic room box and basics to complete a fun vignette.  A simple box like that can be the jumping-off point for many a miniature collection.  And this was for us as well.  

Let’s jump right into the details.  After completing the room, we wanted to press home that it was a collector’s room, so we added some finishing details to the room.  Many things can be done with a basic box.  Our collector collected vintage clothing.  We borrowed a picture from the internet (picture was not sold) and made a frame for it.  Under that, a Demilune table of my design and added a (sold out) floral arrangement.  Debbie made a mirror to fit the vanity space, and a pouf was added for sitting.  A lady must have a place for her make-up and perfumes.  Plus, a beautiful box that comes in many colors is carried by Debbie at to keep treasures locked away.  I chose black.  We had special shoes and hat boxes cut, as well as shopping bags.

The room with the basics is really starting to say something and we are getting a picture that this is really a closet or dressing room. 

Now all we need is to add the fancy things. 

Her we find our lady has saved her cake topper and shoes from her wedding.  I am sure there are other keepsakes inside the box.  As her veil tails along the top shelf she has added other special boxes and keepsakes.  Her shoes, hats and purses peek out on the shelves. 

What fancy and sparkly boxes and bags for mementos.  Wow those have to be special shoes to come in a shoe box that is glittered. 


Candy has received a box of roses.  What a special day!  And more shopping bags to be filled.  Lingerie, perhaps?

And finally, a completed room.  So much added.  Enjoy the details.  Click on the pictures and they enlarge.  Coco, the poodle, is as excited as Candy. 

I hope you have enjoyed this look at a long-term project.  It was so much fun bringing this idea to fruition. 

Have Fun!



PILAR6373 said...

Preciosa y muy elegante la escena,es una delicia mirarla,buen trabajo!!

Kathi said...

Gracias por tus dulces palabras. Es un placer recibirlos.

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