Wednesday, September 30, 2020

1/12th Scale Patterns for Static Display

Good Morning!  The entry today is to discuss a static display in your room box or vignette.  Oftentimes, the patterns and dresses that fit dolls are not suitable for fro room displays.  They do not always hang well on a hanger, though some do, nor do they manipulate well for laying across a bed or scrunched into a chair. 

The 2000 category of La Petite Belle Patterns is made just for this purpose.  The design of the garments is there without all the girth of the dress to fit a doll.  These patterns for you today do NOT fit onto a doll.  But if you wanted them too, you would have to do some extra fabric cut on the sides to make them work.  If you like the pattern for a project, do give it a try, you never know what you will achieve. 

Before I moved, I wrote a bit for AIM magazine.  It is a FREE e-zine completed by the Artisans that are shown in the periodical.  This is their blog address, and it is a great resource.  Do visit the archives.  The magazines are through SCRIBD, which is also a Free to join enterprise for publishing books and periodicals.  This link will take you to the most recent issue, but there is plenty to see there.

I did a monthly for a jet setting woman of the 1950s and completed 12 articles for them.  Today I am providing you three of those patterns.  They are large PDF’s and printing is laden with color, so if you want to save them it is fine, be warned about printing them.

Today I have included some undergarments, always pretty to display.  I understand one of the products I used, Fairy Lace, has been discontinued, but I have some suggestions for if you would like to make this set.  If you cannot get the Fairy Lace, you can use any 2mm ribbon, or even cut the header off of heirloom lace and use it.  Thin pieces of fabric and even braided thread will work as well.  For Fairly Lace, please visit:

The links for the patterns are under the picture, they are clickable. 

The dress and hat are meant to go together, pick some fun and contrasting fabrics to make a perfect ensemble.  The fabrics in the 1950s were colorful and fun.  Also, can be made in a sheer fabric a la Grace Kelly. 


I hope you use these patterns and have great fun with the fabric interpretations.   


Have Fun!

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