Tuesday, January 7, 2014

NewYear, Sharing a Project

I find this picture seen on the internet most charming.  I would love to credit the artist, but so far have not found him/her.  I have had and saved this picture for years and years.  This picture inspired the project I am sharing.
Hating to dust, but having little time (or attention span) for a large dollhouse, I like to do little projects I can hang on the wall or set in a corner somewhere.  It is, more or less, how I save and display my collection of miniatures.  I am not great at it, but I love them just the same.   
To demonstrate how I do a project, which by many of you is overkill, I have heard it a thousand times; I like to draw it in a way that I think makes the most sense to me.  Then I can see what I have, what I have to make, or buy, and see what I have that is serendipity.  You know those wonderful little things we have taken as classes, or collected with no special idea where to put them, the pieces that are just fun!  (I have a shoebox full.)   
By first checking my supplies or the size of boxes available to me, I can see what will and will not fit my project.  In this case, I was able to use a trinket or shadow box from Hobby Lobby.  This particular box is a black metal one with a magnetic closure.  
As a special note, I took this picture to my miniature club in Nashville and suggested it for a yearlong project.  Each of us could select something in the cabinet to teach as a class each month when we met.  Yet each of could interpret the project any way we saw fit.  This drawing following is difficult to see, but you get the idea of how I work.  This is my working plan or idea.  Things do change; no design is set in stone.  (Also, my measurements are often off.)   
Before we get into the pictures and the steps for completing my project, I will also add, that now is the time to make things in pieces or search for special items.  Save them in a pretty shoebox (or an ugly one, I don’t discriminate over boxes and plastic containers), and collect up supplies you know you are going to need and get them in one place.  You will need rulers and cutting mats, glue and tape, perhaps a computer, some fabrics and patterns, whatever suits your goals.   For example I had to purchase the ladder back chair, and make the quilt.  Collect up our interesting things, you never know what will work.   
(I’ll be back with more steps and pictures soon.) 

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Sharon Chrystal de Vries said...

Kathi I have designed a presentation box very similar to your new project.

Wish I could draw and minipulate a computer program to do what I want it to do.

Looking forward to your take on this little scene.

I already have the dress and hanger!!!

Enjoy the fun