Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Country Armoire Chapter Two

My New Year wish list consisted of doing a new blog every Tuesday.  I have already failed!  Sigh!  Last week was busy getting the painters in and out, pictures hung, and the furniture in two rooms switched.  That's right we flipped rooms.  I like it!  We painted the new dining room RED!  Ming Red.  It's beautiful.  Not at all "beachy" as I had thought I wanted.  I love the Shabby Chic look, but apparently it is not me!  Or I should say US!

So, here I am back, intent on catching up.  Hopefully the next chapter will be correctly posted on Thursday and I will be all caught up.  For now, I will tell you how I prepared the body or the background of the vignette or shadow box for the Country Armoire.

I printed a brick sheet of paper I created in MS Publisher by fitting together a picture of an old Brick wall.  My intent was to show this as an indoor sunroom.  Perhaps it is in a converted porch area of a home or even a small resell shop in the square of Anywhere USA.  The feel I am trying to achieve is that of comfort and home.  The picture printed on matte photo paper, cut to size for the shadow box and glued it into place.  What you do not see very well, is I did the same thing with the floor and the sides.  The sides are red painted wood planking, also printed on photo paper, cut, and glued into place.  I had some wood flooring, so installed it per the instructions.  I did use a little paste wax when it was completed.
The final picture is the shadow box prepared for furniture installation.

I hope to have more steps soon and you can create a vignette using your miscellaneous miniatures, too. 

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