Wednesday, August 12, 2009

UFDC Convention – Day 6 - 2 of 3

Having completed my class for Mary, I was able to excuse myself and run to stand in line for the luncheon entitled “Girl with a Pearl Earring. Of course we all were wondering about the program and what the souvenir would be. The doll club of Vermont (if this was New Hampshire I will scream as I did not take notes) did the best job at our table favors, prizes (they had something for every person there) and the overall program. My first lunch was proving a delight. And lest you think I like everything I eat and do not complain, that is not so. The sandwich plates were very good, but I was saving myself for some pecan pie. We were in Georgia, right? But, they said they RAN OUT! What! So we got a lemon curd with a raspberry and some whipped cream instead. I like lemon in my tea and, of course, my lemonade, but I am not a fan of lemon pies, lemon bars, lemon tarts, lemon drizzle or icing and other concoctions. At least I got to save those calories. There is a positive. The room was so cold, it made the luncheon uncomfortable. AND I HAD A SWEATER! My poor friend in her sleeveless tank-type dress was positively turning blue.
The speaker was informative talking about the Dutch dolls in painting and in history, really interesting subject. Door prizes were given out and I thought I would get lucky and win a wooden shoe, some were antique, but my ticket number was called and I won a wonderful little doll dress with beautiful smocking on it. I was informed it would fit the doll from the luncheon. Oh, Goody! As the program drew to a close and we shook so badly from the cold, we were at last given our darling little girls from the Boneka Company. ( She is a Dianna Effner sculpt especially for them. My little girl came with a tag, her name is Grietje, (after the character in the movie) and she is Edition 103 / 145. I took the net off her head to release her curls and you can see her here in her darling regional and period costume. She arrived in an unbleached cotton bag; a lovely souvenir for the event. (For a few dollars more I could have purchased her boy – friend. But then we would have to discuss the budget again. And I didn’t want to blow all my good works.

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KittyAnn said...

Your Effner/Boneka doll is so sweet Kathi, and a pretty smocked dress too! I have a few of these same style Effner sculpts, I love their innocent faces, the dolls are made so nicely too. Thanks again for all the posts about convention for those of us who didn't get to go this year.