Monday, August 24, 2009

Chapter 12 - Emilie Takes a Trip

The suit of dotted Swiss is lined in pink Swiss batiste is most becoming on Emilie Claire. Emilie Claire is ready for her trip. The porter has taken her trunks and she waits with her personal items for the call to board the train, Lisabeth’s doll safely in her arms.

If you have reviewed the pattern for the original doll, you will see I have changed her jacket. It did not “suit” me. (Sorry I could not help it.) Emilie likes plainer clothes, more tailored and I made it to her wishes. The jacket is elegant in French ribbons and ribbon ties. I placed the purse as a belt purse as her hands are full.

Emilie is so rushed her bonnet ties are slipping. (That is my way of saying yes I noticed the picture is not perfect. We all do our best, do we not?) “Oh, I hear the whistle, the train is coming!” Emilie exclaims. Her parents settle her in and assure her they will follow in a few weeks. “Mind your best manners, Emilie Claire.”

Dear Diary
My hat arrived from the milliner yesterday. I was thrilled to open the box and see how special she made my bonnet. There is a sweet ruffle of lace added to the underside with a small bouquet of flowers peaking out. For my birthday, Father presented me with a new hatpin made with a real pearl. It is a treasure!
I still think of the young man I am to meet. It diverts me! E~C


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VintageRoses said...

What a lovely diary!