Wednesday, August 5, 2009

UFDC Convention – Day 5

Very Quiet
You don’t have to be in a club to be a member of the UFDC. Did you know that? I didn’t at first. You can enroll as a Member at Large. (My friends and I call ourselves the MALcontents!) We meet once a month at Barbara’s house and play dolls and work on projects. We are not large enough to be a club, but we do the outings and shows and things of interest to us. It is fun and relaxing.
So, on Thursday, while those who are members did the annual meeting (and yes anyone can go) I stayed in my room and worked on sewing, reading, resting and playing with my fabrics. At lunchtime I met a friend from dinner on an earlier occasion and we went next door to a traveling exhibit of poster art. The subject of the exhibit was political statements regarding war, racism and the environment. Oi! (I picked that up from Harry Potter.) How depressing. What a waste of $8.00. Well made points in some of them, but really, I was on a nice vacation and had not been away from my house in two years. I was running from depression and didn’t need it here. I know I need to be socially aware, but this was in your face. To get over it we went to the shopping center food mall and had a “cheap” lunch. And I knew it all afternoon. TMI?
When we finished I was back up to the room and having a go at finishing my Saque du Voyage. (Yes the one I ran out of thread on and am currently trying to finish. I bought the thread.) And I took a nap.
I volunteered to be a monitor for the competition room. That was a learning experience, loved it. I got to sit in front of the Dorothy Heizer display. Yes, it was torture to examine some of the work of a modern day artist, who has sadly passed, and learn as much as I could in the 3 ½ hours I was there. I did take pictures and are sharing them today. I had the opportunity to HOLD one a few years back when I was taking a class from George Stuart who has one in his collection. I am jealous.
I will be sharing some of the pictures I took along the way of this blog. There were too many to share with you today. Friday was going to be a busy day so I returned for more reading and squishing into my comfy bed.

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