Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Make a Miniature Padded Hanger

Don't you wish you had the closet space for all padded hangers for your clothes? Follow these directions to make a miniature padded hangers for all of your miniature creations. They deserve the best right? Kathi
Step 1
Collect all your supplies.
Wire, 28 gauge is nice, wire cutters, glue, 2 or 4 mm ribbon and something round as a 1/4" and 3/4" template. I used a wood dowels.
Step 2
Wind the wire around the dowel and twist about 3 times.
Step 3
Cut away one of the wires and leave the rest to make the actual hanger portion.
Step 4
Use the 1/4" dowel as a form to create the top loop for the hanger.
Step 5
Cut away excess wire at approximately 180 degrees. You can get a better shape later.
Step 6
Flatten the wire. Keep sides even, you want the left and right sides to be equal.
Step 7
The hanger wires should be flattened tightly. The left and right sides equal on either side of the hook.
Step 8
Begin in the center with a dot of glue. A light brushing of glue along the wire is okay. Wind the ribbon diagonally to one end of the hanger.
Step 9
When you reach the end, wind around the end and return to the center in the same fashion.
Step 10
When you arrive at the center wrap to the end the same as you did the opposite side.
Step 11
Complete wrapping back to center, glue the end and snip away the excess.
Step 12
Tie a small bow to accent the hanger. Bend the loop back and shape the hanger hook to your liking.
Hang your dress in the closet on the dressing screen. Make an assortment of colors to strew around. Use your imagination. These are simple and don't take much time.
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