Monday, July 14, 2008

Chapter 3 - Her Slip

Emilie now models her slip. The mid Victorian period was one of opulence. The correct undergarments, an under slip, then hoops, and an over slip hiding the hoops would have been worn. For the sake of poor Emilie and the interest of truth telling, she does not have a hoop or an under slip. (I have not made a hoop, yet.) Therefore, we pretend! Emilie’s slip is made of fine Swiss batiste with rolled and whipped entredeux and Swiss lace edging. This slip will support the voluminous skirt.
(Please note: The doll stand is a bit large for this doll. No matter how hard I tried, she gets a fatter appearance. I promise it is the stand.)
Next time we will take a look at the garment progressing.

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