Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Emilie Claire - Chapter 2

The foundation of a building has to be strong to support the building and its activities. The foundation garments of a dress are just as important as they support the style, the silhouette, of the period. Just as fashions changed, the foundations changed as well. During the mid Victorian era, the corset supported the body and brought attention to a small waist.
Corsets were generally utilitarian, but corsets have been made of fancy fabrics throughout. Emilie has now added her corset. When making clothing for small dolls, especially in period dress, I make each layer using fine, thin fabrics. The thinness of the fabrics allows for a doll that is not overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of clothes that women wore during that time. The corset pattern, and the pantalets and chemise shown earlier, is from Alice Leverett's Ultimate Fashion Doll ™.
Emilie wears a corset of fine Liberty cotton with a delicate rose pattern. The corset, lined in china silk, has eyes in the back laced with ribbon. Silk bias ribbon binds the top and bottom edges. Next time, we see a slip. Kathi

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