Thursday, August 26, 2021

 August 26, 2021

When I last posted I was showing that there had been great progress on completing the “Knight to Remember” Dress.  This was an Alice Leverette workshop at St. Simons Island.  It was a full workshop with about 30 participants.  Due to me being in the sponsoring club, I also had work assignments for the weekend and managed to not complete the garment and allowed it to sit for quite some time.

But alas with some perseverance, the dress was complete.  All the beading and flowers have been added. 

It was time to add some jewels.  Here you see a necklace being made, and the earrings to match. 

Progression of making the necklace. 

    Jewels are just right! 
Perfect additions!

She needed some pretty flowers for her hair.  Alas, totally complete.  

Pretty floral coronet

How about a fan!  

What dance is complete with a fan?



A new project awaits.  

Whatever you create, 
Have Fun!

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