Friday, August 20, 2021

 August 20, 2021


I reported before that I was trying to complete an unfinished project a month until I seemed to be caught up.  I completed this project in May.  The workshop is called Knight to Remember, St. Simons Island, 2013.   This was the inspiration picture for the project:


My partially completed project had languished for quite some time. Pulling the contents, I reviewed the directions and discerned the kit was complete.  However, I needed to start over as I had skipped around in the making of the pieces.  The skirt was completed but as memory served the ruffle was giving me fits.  And true it was only pinned in places and basted incorrectly in others.  The main portion of the bodice was complete but I was stopped in the middle of decorating and attaching the sleeves.  The sleeves were being worked one at a time, so one sleeve was flat and unworked the other nearly completed.   I will add, at the time, I was a member of the club sponsoring the workshop and I had other duties to perform during the groups’ visit.   

Here we are with a slip and ready to go.  

This reckoning with what I had done and had not done was confusing at first. Here the sleeves are partially completed.  

The start of skirt repair and redo.

Staring me in the face was the skirt ruffle that caused me a lot of grief.  Removing the ruffle thus began the slow process, of straightening it, pressing it, and dividing it again.  There were many peaks and dips to getting the ruffle on correctly.  I finally made a line with the sections marked was a better method for me to get the proportions straight.  
It took a week, but the skirt, fewer beads, and bows were completed, fitted, and on the doll. It was my intention to complete both the skirt and the bodice before adding any of the jewels and bows that would finish the outfit.

While I was at it I made the extra bows. 

I was on a roll and would get the outfit done soon.  Little did I know it would take the full month. 

I'll be back with more!  
In the meantime, 
Have Fun!

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