Wednesday, June 24, 2020

June 24, 2020

I belong to a couple of forums that I find interesting and have some time to participate, though not as much time as I would like.  One is the Mini Doll List on IO and the other is the French Fashion Doll Sewing Group, also on IO.   ( and )  You can submit to belong to each of these groups.  Sometimes the conversation is strong and sometimes weak, however, most always interesting. 
Short story
I have a friend who sent me a doll to dress.  Special porcelain made for her so she could have a Geisha doll in miniature.  It has taken me about 7 years to dress that figure for her.  She had been so patient that I wanted to repay her in kind and do something special. How could I keep it a surprise and give her something special?  Together, we planned Japan month on the Mini Doll List.  (This forum is owned by Dana Burton, Debbie Jones of Kitz Miniatures, and me.)  Together and with additional help, we organized a month where anyone who wanted to participate could purchase some kits, or not, purchase some accessory kits, or not, and all in all produce items for a vignette, room box, dollhouse or some such display to encompass something from Japan.  The point was to participate as much or as little as one liked. 
Several tutorials were completed and the participation from the group was amazing.  All the tutorials we did were free.  From teachers who worked for the Dept. of Defense Schools who had taught there, to those who had parents who worked there in civilian and military positions there was so much sharing.  A month that I thought would be long and boring turned out to be fun, interesting, and informative.    
Together we completed various ways to display the items of interest.  Since we had completed most of the things together, it was hard to keep the box a surprise.  For my friend, I completed an entire box as a representation of a tearoom. But the last thing in the box she did not know about was the kimono on display.  She is a Pisces, you see, and I was able to make the display kimono of the “Pisces” carp.  Her finished gift is shown here. 

Tea Room from Front

Tea Room from Side

I had a lot of help to make this a success.  When we meet again, I will share additional participation and some of the Geisha that were created by our members of the Mini Doll Forum.  You will be amazed. 
Have Fun! 

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