Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tiny Kitty Corset and Hosiery

Tiny Kitty modeling her corset in the atelier

Tiny Kitty is now less embarrassed than she was last week as she is more fully dressed.  She is still embarrassed about showing her unmentionables.  After last week’s post, I challenged myself to do a layer a week.  I thought I was not going to make it.  I would swear that I had ADD but I think this time, I had a good murder mystery getting in the way.  I worked an hour and read an hour, worked an hour, read an hour.  Most distracting way to work ever, but I could not decide what to do.  It did give me brief breaks to think through stumbling points as well. This corset had quite a few.  Something I would normally take for granted gave me some challenges.  I wanted to go for the longer line but I also wanted to try a new technique.  As with all projects, I began with research and some pictures.
The corset pattern pieces traced to interfacing, ironed and cut out.  The same pattern draw onto the outside fabric.  The pieces were all sewn together by machine and sewn together again.  

Kitty’s corset fits fairly well, but on second review, it appears that I should reduce the width in the hips and perhaps increase it in the bust line.  (Would that were my problem.) Since this corset was a first for me, I made some mistakes along the way.  However, the final result looks quite well, mistakes and all.  There are so many seams and channels that on this size figure, I did not use stays.  The stiffness with interfacing and lining was sufficient to give the feel of a tightly fitting corset.  I used brads and eyes for the corset busk.  It looks like it works.  I will not be dressing and undressing her, as I need to work out some strength details of the closure.  If the metal color is not right, get that done PRIOR to finishing the closure. 

The fitting and lacing process.  Snap the front together, fit the back and future removal depends only on unbuttoning the front each time.  No more unlacing, no more dressers, fit once and done! 

At the last minute, I decided she needed a pair of hose.  I am contemplating a set of garters to hang from the corset.  We will not know until next week, but I should move on to the slip.  I hope that I will get a step closer to deciding which casual dress to make.  And I am still researching the shoes or boots.    

Thank you for reading, and as always have some fun!
Kathi Mendenhall


Jane said...

Love what you are doing. I have tubs and tubs of materials and my ladies sit undressed. I have a Hawaiian quilt square almost done and then I am working on my two fashion dolls' nightgowns. I started them last summer and they are almost done. You are inspiring me!

Jane said...

Well, I shall try to post again. You are inspiring me. I have many dolls needing clothing and clothing that was started last summer not finished. I have one small project to finish up and then I think the nightgowns for the fashion ladies will get finished.

Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

Una ropa interior preciosa, felicidades:-)

Nancy Marie said...

Ohhh, isn't Tiny Kitty a fun doll to sew for? I find her size so perfect. :)

Kathi Mendenhall said...

Jane, I know how hard it is to stay focused. So many interruptions in a day. I find that if I assign a work period each day I can get something done, well until that doesn't work anymore as I have to do something else. I do understand what you mean.

Rosa, Gracias, el corsé fue todo un reto. (I hope my Spanish is correct. The corset was a challenge to do.)

Celeste, yes, she is so much fun. I am just getting to her which is so sad for me. But I am hoping to make her a garment or two before I work on Grace. She too needs a few dresses to go with her original dress. Kathi